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Natural-based, award-winning skincare products for every skin type

Customers quite literally fall in love with our products and for good reason. Our products average 96.9% 5-star ratings and a 77% return customer rate. We start every formulation with natural-based ingredients, then use modern safe science to create products that are safe and super effective.

After all, that’s what customers want, products that just work! Welcome to Raybae!

What makes Raybae Unique?

A simple 360° skincare regimen

Attract new customers with a simple, effective regimen

Raybae is dedicated to making skincare simple. With Raybae’s 360° approach all of our products are designed to work together. Our 24-hour regimen is based on providing every product your customer needs to have the clearest and most beautiful skin they have ever experienced.

Every customer gets the Raybae skincare regimen card that tells them exactly how to use their products and in what order. With Raybae, there is no reason to shop for other skincare products for a complete regimen. We have everything you need.


Industry-Leading Incentives


Effective, high sell-through products

No product will sell as well as a simple and effective one. This makes selling and reselling Raybae to return customers easy.

Full keystone (100%) markup

Our MSRP’s are designed to give you a 100% markup. Your customers will be able to buy from you at the same price they can buy online. But you have the flexibility to raise or reduce the price or offer special sales anytime. Raybae knows you sometimes do special things for your special customers.


All shipments go out within 24hrs or the next business day.

Raybae ships all orders within 24hrs. We send all packages 1 to 3 days within the US. This means your replacement orders get to you quickly

Free support & training

We don't just want to provide you with a new best-selling product, we're also here to help!

We have a dedicated support e-mail as well as a phone line where we are always ready to answer questions and provide support. Additionally, Raybae is ready to train your employees on how to sell Raybae products.

Whether we come to your store or set up a virtual meeting Raybae will help teach your people how to open a conversation and how to close the


The Raybae Guarantee

Raybae provides both a retailer guarantee and a customer guarantee. For the new retailer we will guarantee that if you don’t sell at least ½ of your initial order within 6 months you can return the remaining inventory and we will refund your money, shipping included.

For your customers, Raybae will protect you as the retailer. If a customer returns an opened product and you provide a refund, we will replace that product for you to add back into your inventory.

All you have to do is send us a picture of the returned item with the return refund receipt and we will ship you a replacement immediately

Getting started is easy

Raybae’s goal is to make selling easy. That’s why we provide lots of free perks to you, as a retailer, in every order. In addition to the products you purchase, we will be sending you conversation starters to help engage your customers and teach more about why they should be using Raybae.

Solo Kit

$295.97 MSRP, Register today to see wholesale pricing

Perfect For Service Providers, or Solopreneurs

1x All Luxury Glass Products

2x All Glo2Go Tube Products

7x Sample Tubes

10x Travel Pouches

30x Regimen Cards

3x Raybae POP Displays/Media

Salon Kit

$626.95 MSRP, Register today to see wholesale pricing

Perfect For Small Retail Stores, Salons, & Spas

3x All Luxury Glass Products

3x All Glo2Go Tube Products

7x Sample Tubes

10x Travel Pouches

30x Regimen Cards

3x Raybae POP Displays/Media

Spa Kit

$922.91 MSRP, Register today to see wholesale pricing

Perfect For Larger Retail Stores, Salons, & Spas

4x All Luxury Glass Products

5x All Glo2Go Tube Products

7x Sample Tubes

20x Travel Pouches

50x Regimen Cards

3x Raybae POP Displays/Media

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